Why Zerona is Amazing and How to Improve its Results

Updated: Sep 12

If you’ve never heard of Zerona before, you can think of it as an alternative to liposuction surgery or other types of fat loss approaches. It is a body slimming laser treatment that gives you the option of avoiding any kind of invasive surgical process, most of which are followed by a long recovery period. Zerona is a low-level laser treatment which is used for body contouring and it’s considered 100% safe for anyone who undergoes the treatment. There are a number of ways that you can make Zerona treatment even more effective, and these are ways to get the most out of the treatment. Most of these things involve developing good health habits and boosting your lymphatic system, so as to make the results you achieve truly amazing.

Stay hydrated

When undergoing Zerona treatment, the best thing you can do for yourself is to stay hydrated. This is an essential component of Zerona treatment because the laser will stimulate your body cells to release fat which has been stored up. Once that happens, the body has to be able to flush that fat out of the system. If you are the least bit dehydrated, the flushing process becomes much more difficult.

Exercise regularly

Try to get in at least a half-hour of exercise each day. This will increase your blood circulation and warm up your muscles so as to promote the removal of fat that gets released. Avoid strenuous workouts like long jogs or powerlifting, because these activities have a tendency to build up lactic acid. This will cause the body to burn sugar rather than fat, so it’s best to choose lighter activities like walking, swimming, or yoga.

Take a niacin supplement

Beginning about one week before your first Zerona treatment, you should begin taking capsules of niacin or vitamin B3. This helps to break down triglycerides and expands the blood vessels, so as to increase blood flow for flushing out fat. It’s best to take your niacin supplement following a full meal, because when you take it on an empty stomach it might cause you to feel flushed or warm for a period of time.

Stop drinking caffeine and alcohol

It’s best to eliminate caffeine and alcohol from your diet while undergoing Zerona treatment, because these have the effect of dehydrating the body. Your approach should be to stay as hydrated possible, so you’ll want to eliminate beverages that run counter to this objective. If you do take in any alcohol or caffeine, follow it up immediately with a glass of water that will help flush it out.

Eat small meals

Rather than eating three large meals, you should try to have four or five smaller ones. This will allow you your liver to be more efficient at processing food. Making healthy food choices will also help your kidneys, lymphatic system, and liver in their efforts to eliminate body fat. You should also avoid processed foods, since these inhibit the fat processing operation of your liver.

Get a lymphatic massage

Lymph will move more smoothly through the body if you get a lymphatic massage, because that will allow the body to eliminate fat more efficiently. When you have a lymphatic massage, the fat which was recently released will move through your body until it naturally exits.

Spend some time in a sauna

Sweating is a very effective way to release toxins and fats from your body in the aftermath of a Zerona treatment. After the laser treatment releases fat from your fat cells, it can be really useful to spend time in the sauna. That will induce perspiration which will help your body eliminate the fatty content which is not needed.

Wear compression garments

Compression garments like spandex help to push liquefied fat into your lymphatic system. Compression garments have the effect of speeding up fat processing, and it will also help to tighten up your skin. In order to make this super effective, you should try to wear any compression garments for at least eight hours of every day.

Dry brushing

Much like lymphatic massage, dry brushing helps get lymph moving throughout the body, so it can be flushed out and disposed of. To begin the dry brushing process, start with a natural bristle brush and move it firmly across your skin in long, flowing strokes. Make sure you always brush in the direction of your heart, so that you are working in tandem with your lymphatic system, rather than against it. This will allow for the best drainage of lymph. When brushing your stomach, make sure to work in a clockwise motion.

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