What Is Laser Therapy For Knee Pain – What To Expect?

People out there suffering from knee pain might find a ray of hope with laser therapy. If you aren’t already familiar with laser therapy, let us tell you, laser therapy is a treatment that’s provided to the people suffering from intolerable pain. This form of treatment has been vastly popular around the world these days.

Despite the popularity, many of us still lack the knowledge of what it has to offer. Today, we are here to help you with everything that you need to know about laser therapy for knee pain. Eventually, we’ll also share our personal experiences and what you can expect from this treatment.

So, without any further ado, let’s hop right into the main context!

What Is Laser Therapy For Knee Pain?

Laser therapy works by stimulating the affected area and pain. No matter if your knee pain is caused by injury or chronic condition, researchers say laser therapy always ends up being a reliable solution. The type of laser therapy used for treating knee pain is also known as clod laser therapy.

The device transmits a light pulse to the affected area and that’s how laser therapy gives you relief from knee pain by improving blood circulation and cell regeneration. This procedure also encourages new tissue growth and offers natural pain killers known as endorphins. The most fascinating fact about this therapy is- it brings no side effects.

Whether we go with painkillers or other medicines, they perpetually give us some side effects while laser therapy gives us relief from our pain without causing any other side effects. Moreover, every kind of knee pain, even if the pain is caused by trauma, it can be dealt with with laser therapy.

Can Laser Therapy Help Knee Pain?

Although laser therapy is sometimes not the most effective treatment for every type of pain, researchers have found that it works pretty great on giving you relief from knee pains. Laser therapy can alleviate knee pain properly. It can deal with every kind of knee pain within the shortest possible time.

So whether you are suffering from pain because of an injury or your overweight, laser therapy is capable of helping you. Laser therapy can heal wounds and at the same time will get you relief from the pain of injury. It encourages new tissue growth, improving circulation and cell regeneration.

Laser therapy works by sending a light pulse to the affected area for 30 to 60 seconds. In this short treatment session, it does the jobs which cannot be done by even the most expensive treatments. So the bottom line is, laser therapy is worth it and will give you effective and peaceful relief from your knee pain.

What to Follow After the Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy doesn’t bring any side effects with it. So you don’t have to do expensive aftercare after having laser therapy like other treatments. Some regular aftercare attempts will do just great. So here’s what to follow after laser therapy:

  1. Cleaning- consider cleaning the treated area after laser therapy. You can consult your doctor for selecting the cleaning method. But water, saline, or a diluted cleaning solution will work fine.

  2. Using sunscreen- to make your skin heal faster you will need to apply the right sunscreen in the therapy area. UV rays can cause a few issues in the affected area so sunscreen can be your savior in that case.

  3. Dealing with swelling and redness- you might get scared seeing the redness and swelling on the treated area. But it’s normal. To deal with that, applying ice packs, and a cold compress will solve the issues.

  4. No picking- never pick at your skin after going through the laser treatment. The treated area will peel while your new skin will grow. Keep patience and give that area time to heal.

Which Laser Therapy Is The Best For Knee Pain?

Cold laser therapy will be great for a person who is suffering from knee pain. Cold laser therapy is an alternative yet most effective treatment for knee pain. It’s a non-invasive treatment that makes knee pain go with class III and class IV laser which simulate the affected area and ends up alleviating the pain.

Cold laser therapy works unlike any other treatment with no side effects. It provides relief from pain and heals the wounds. Your damaged cells get healed and the therapy encourages new tissue growth.

The cold laser device points directly at the skin on your knee and do its work. The laser doesn’t damage your skin. It works on the affected area for 30 to 60 seconds and all the pain vanished just like that. So undoubtedly cold laser therapy is the best laser therapy treatment for your knee pain.

What Are The Side Effects Of Laser Therapy?

Although laser therapy won’t cause any harmful effects, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Laser therapy may bring some minor side effects, mostly related to your skin. But if you go with proper aftercare then you’ll be saved from facing these kinds of troublesome matter.

A few concerns that may occur are:

  1. Redness & Swelling- the treated skin may be swollen and red for several months. It’ll take a few months to get recover your previous skin.

  2. Infection- laser therapy mostly leads you to flaring up the herpes virus. Besides, you might fall victim to bacterial, viral, or fungal infections. But if you take the proper treatment, then won’t be much of a problem. Connecticut Disc and Laser Therapy Centers, suggest effective aftercare techniques to avoid this sort of problems.

  3. Skin color- laser therapy might make your skin darker. It mostly happens with those people who already have darker skin.

  4. Acne- the thick creams and bandages may cause your skin acne and white bump issues.

  5. Scarring- there are slight chances that laser therapy may leave you with some permanent scars.

Wrapping Up

Laser therapy is one of the newest and most innovative treatments for knee pain. The treatment can help relieve joint inflammation, treat cartilage damage, and reduce swelling in a short time period without side effects or downtime.

The goal of laser therapy is to help your body heal itself. While it may not provide the same instant relief as pain medications or injections, you can expect a gradual decrease in discomfort and an improvement in mobility over time with treatment. If you’re experiencing knee pain and are considering whether laser therapy could be beneficial for you, Contact Our Expert Team Today!

We’ll be happy to discuss what we’ve found about the effectiveness of this type of treatment on patients who suffer from Knee Pain.

If you are looking for the safest laser therapy handled by professionals, we highly suggest you go for Connecticut Disc and Laser Therapy Centers. They are very professional and they help you with your problem after consulting with you about the best options. So, you are on the way to make your irritating knee pain go away, congratulations!

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