Lower Back Pain When Sitting But Not Standing – How To Deal?

You might face different types of lower back pain and some can be extreme. Sometimes we feel lower back pain when sitting but not standing. When we are walking or running, it doesn’t pain.

But when we sit down to rest. Suddenly the lower back pain starts. It can be irritating because the pain makes it hard to sit down for a rest.

If you are dealing with such pain, here is a piece of good news that we will talk about the issue in detail today. Nowadays, you’ll find a lot of solutions to this problem, even home remedies.

We have gathered everything here for you with professional treatment suggestions as well.

Without any further delay, let’s get right into it to see what we got for you!

Why Does My Lower Back Hurt When I Bend Or Sit?

Lower back pain can be very frustrating as it may come with different conditions. You may feel a sharp sting on your back or it may be a widespread pain around your lower abdominal.

In any case, it can be serious business if not treated correctly.

Lower back pain can be caused by a multitude of reasons. The most common one is posture.

The posture is the position of how you stand, walk or sit on a chair. Ideally, you want your back to be straight and facing upward at all times. Leaning a bit down while walking or bending down while sitting is a symptom of bad posture.

Without keeping your spinal cord straight, you constantly put pressure on the lower part of your spine which over time gets used to the bent position. So when you try to sit down straight, your lower back starts aching.

Even if you have a good posture, sitting down for a long time is unhealthy for your lower back and can cause pain. Long-term sitting sessions cause your spine to sprain and put weight on your lower spine because your entire upper body is weighing down on your lower spine.

So, both sitting in a bad posture and sitting for a long time can cause lower back pain.

Accidents and injuries are always thoughts to be considered. If you hurt your back from any injury in the past, it can be the cause of your lower back pain now. Usually, lower spine injuries cause pain while you’re standing and sitting, but there are always exceptions.

Muscle tension can be another cause of back pain and it’s something almost every one of us has experienced. Muscle tension occurs from putting excessive strain on your muscles.

In the case of lower back pain, it might be caused by lifting something very heavy, doing exercises without warming up, or doing a heavy workout after a long time.

Again, doing repetitive heavy tasks that put pressure on your lower back can also cause pain and numbness. As your spine makes the same movements continuously, it creates friction and may cause conditions where your lower back only aches when you sit down.

Why Does My Back Hurt When I Sit In A Chair?

Lower Back Pain When Sitting But Not Standing (1)

Lower Back Pain When Sitting But Not Standing

There are a handful of reasons that might cause your back to hurt when you sit on a chair. When you sit on a chair, essentially the entire weight of your entire upper body rests on your lower spine. So if your back hurts while you sit down, it means your lower spine is the spot that is suffering or having issues.

Lower back pain can have different origins, bad posture is the most common among them. Leaning forward while sitting, standing, or walking puts pressure on your lower spine, leading it to sprain and other severe pain issues. Bad sleeping posture is also a large factor as you don’t want to put constant pressure on your back for the entire night.

Aside from posture, injuries can cause long-term back pain that requires medical attention. But other than these, most other causes of lower back pain are temporary. Lifting heavy weight after a long time, accidentally stretching your back too much, doing heavy exercises right off the bat without any warm-up, etc. are the most common temporary causes of back pain while sitting down.

How Do You Stop Lower Back Pain When Sitting?

Lower back pain when sitting can be irritating and painful if your work requires you to sit down for long periods or even in general. It’s is a fairly common issue regarding adults. But there are quite a few solutions to stopping lower back pain while sitting.

Sitting Posture

Sitting posture is very important regarding any kind of spinal ache or pain. Being bent or curving your spine while sitting is the very cause of most pains regarding sitting. So fixing your posture if you have not so is the first thing you should try.

The procedure is fairly simple, just keep your neck and back parallel to the chair, meaning they should be straight. It is a bit uncomfortable at first but you could use items like posture fixing back straps and ergonomic chairs.

There are back straps that help you keep your posture right while sitting. Additionally, don’t spend too much time while sitting, take a break every so often. Set a reminder if you need to and keep yourself hydrated the whole time.

Ice Packs or Heat Packs

If you already have a good posture, the issue might be temporary and you can get around it by using ice packs or heat pads on the spot where it hurts. It feels nice and will also act to relieve stress.

Depression and Stress

Speaking of stress, depression and stress is also a factor to be considered in this regard. If you’ve been stressing out quite a lot lately, try relaxing a bit, getting a massage or body therapy works fantastic. Antidepressants and back pain medicines from your local drug store should also be effective.

Sleeping Posture

It might be surprising but getting good and healthy sleep contributes a lot to your spinal health. If you sleep in a bad posture, you are going to wake up feeling terrible and ache in certain spots.

Try to get enough healthy sleep, lean on your sides while sleeping, use sleeping pillows if needed. Exercising and doing other physical activities such as yoga will help to improve your situation.

Standing Posture

There are many ways to get good posture while standing and walking. While standing, take a deep breath and try to keep your chest up and forward. Look straight up so that your neck is not bent at all. Your entire spine should be a straight line. It will be a bit difficult to keep up at first, but once you get used to it it will be fine.

Walking in good posture also makes you look better and taller.

Do Some Exercise

As for muscle tension, you should consider different exercises and stretches. Try doing exercises that focus on your back, and do not do anything without warmup. You could also try out yoga sessions as they will help your entire body.

Call for Professional Help

If none of the given methods work for you, then the problem needs professional interference. Therefore we have found the best Back Pain Treatment therapy center for you.

Regardless of your problem, the professionals here at Connecticut Disc And Laser Therapy Centers will always help you with necessary solutions at reasonable costing. We have been greatly benefited by their service and can contact them about your back pain problems as well.

When Should I Be Worried About Lower Back Pain?

The lower back might get worse sometimes. But many of us do not care about it that much.

But are you aware of the fact that lower back pain might be the sign of something really bad?

Do you know the symptoms lower back pain brings along with when it’s something bad?

We think you should know when to start worrying about lower back pain.

Well, the moment your lower back pain starts accompanying other symptoms, you should be worried about it and take immediate measures. The symptoms may include increasing weakness in your legs, loss of bladder or bowel control, stomach pain at different sections of your stomach, high fever, and so on.

If you determine any of those coming with your lower back pain then you might be affected by something serious and you should be worried about that. You should consult a doctor and immediately start the treatments no matter what it takes. The back pain is always worth a time from your busy schedule.

Since you might end up with something worse, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible. The lower back can accompany other symptoms when it’s about something serious. And the pain in your legs and stomach can increase day by day along with the lower pain. So it’s better to take measures before it’s too late.

Can You Get Back Pain From Sitting Too Much?

If you search in medical terms then you will find sitting too much to be one of the major causes of back pain. Sitting for a longer period causes increased stress on your back, neck, arms, and legs. So sitting for a longer period will pressure the muscles of your back and you will end up with intolerable back pain.

That’s exactly why doctors recommend you not to sit for long periods and to take walking breaks. Mostly sitting in the wrong positions for longer periods causes back pain. You need to take breaks if you have to do your job while sitting and change positions frequently.

If you face only back pain, in the beginning, the doctors will suggest you not to sit for longer periods. So yes, sitting for long causes back pain and that can get worsen if you don’t change your schedule. But before sticking to any conclusion you must consult your doctor.

Wrapping up

Lower back pain is pretty common amongst the adult population. It’s estimated that every four out of five adults suffer from lower back pain at some point in their life. That’s why, if you’re feeling lower back pain when sitting but not standing, you should take it seriously and attempt to resolve it.

As we have suggested everything in detail above, we assume that we are certain about what to do and what not to do. If you think that the pain is caused by something serious, do not wait with it. Rather, seek professional assistance as soon as you can for your betterment.Contact professionals for your problem and book an appointment online free of charge!

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