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Updated: Sep 13

Lower back pain has become one of the most common issues to meet a doctor. Some major cause of back pain is an insidious onset of back pain, car or bus crashes, work and sports injuries, age, and so on.

Sometimes working for a long hour in a sitting or standing position can be the cause of lower back pain. 75% to 85% American experiences that problem in their lifetime and most of them suffer from acute back pain. 2%-8% experience chronic pain.

This problem can be the cause of some major diseases such as spinal cord cancer, disc problem, bone problem, sciatica, arthritis, and kidney and spine infections. Intense back pain can stay for few days or few weeks but chronic back pain stays for few months.

Who Suffer from Back pain?

Mostly the individual’s age between 30 to 50, suffer from this problem. When people started to grow old then fluid between vertebrae and spine reduces. Spine discs experience irritation and people lose some muscle tone. It makes the back pain.

Main Symptoms of Back Pain

The main symptoms of this issue are pain in the lower back part, it can occur on both sides. Sometimes lack of bowel control, weakness, fever, and weight loss are symptoms of back lower pain.

Doctors Suggestions for Back Pain

After some physical examination and reviewing the entire medical history of patients, doctors can identify back pain and reasons. Most of the time doctors suggest home treatment to get relief. If the pain continues, then they suggest doing additional tests such as X-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds, and MRI. If the results become suspicious, then they will offer to do a bone density test, it’ll identify your issue appropriately. If the density decreased, the doctors will suggest medical treatment based on the condition.

Treatment for Back Pain

There are different types of therapy to get relief from this pain such as home treatment, physical therapy, myofascial therapy, medications, surgery, laser treatment, and so on. According to research back pain treatment is 86%-95% effective to remove pain.

Laser treatment is now one of the most effective methods to get relief from pain. It’s different from any other back pain treatment. Laser therapy is appropriate when pain occurs in the nerve compression.

Traditional back surgery and treatments are lengthy and patients have to suffer some additional problems to do daily essential activities. Sometimes muscle tissue damage occurs if something goes wrong with the operation or the recovery process.

Laser Treatment for Back Pain Cost

The cost of laser surgery is different depending on the case. Based on the quality and service type’s price changes.

Post-Surgical Incisions It is one of the standard laser services. In every surgery, patients get relief from the pain. $8-$15 (per session) Wounds/Injuries Here class 4 types of therapy is used to remove injured tissue. In minor injury, you need to take 1-2 treatments. For medium, you need to take 2-4 treatments to get relief. For a large injury, you need to take 3- 6 treatments. Minor: $15 (per session) Medium: $20- $24 (per session) Large: $30-$35 (per session) Acute back pain It’s helpful to reduce sprains, strains, fractures, car or bus accidents, and other acute traumas pain. The patient has to take 3-5 treatments in two weeks. $25-$35 (per session) Chronic back pain Reduce long-standing pain and increase the motion of the body. It helps to reduce liver and kidney damage pain. It’s a deep-seated treatment. At the beginning of the treatment, the patient needs 3 treatments in the first week. Later, you can take one or two treatments every month. $25-$35 (per session) Cold laser therapy It’s very beneficial to relieve back pain. You may need to visit 5 to 12 times to get the proper treatment of back pain. $60-$250 (per session)

Where Can I Get Laser Treatment for Back Pain in the US?

Right now, many clinics are offering laser treatment for back pain. Connecticut Disc & Laser Therapy Centers is one of the best service providers out there who offers non surgical solution to your chronic pain. They offer deep tissue high power laser therapy.

They are using the latest technologies and maintaining hygiene to ensure the patient’s safety. It provides natural and quick healing treatment to diminish pain and irritation.

The Laser Therapy Center provides the latest class 4 Laser Therapy from Litecure Medical. It gives the most effective deep tissue high power laser Device. Our new Light Force 40W XLi laser therapy is successfully performing in many toughest cases.

According to many researchers, laser therapy is 80% more beneficial than other back pain treatments. Many Athletes and their trainers use this treatment to reduce their pain and increase their capabilities quickly. It gives them immediate relief from pain.

There are many highly skilled doctors and experts in Connecticut Disc & Laser Therapy centers who can perform it with accuracy. Within 5-10 minutes, patients can get deep tissue laser treatment and after finishing, they can perform their daily works. It takes few sessions to get relief from back pain.


Connecticut Disc & Laser Therapy Centers is located in Shelton Medical Center, 9 Cots Street, Suite 2c Shelton.

Final Thoughts

Laser Treatment for Back Pain is a non invasive procedure that has been found to be effective for patients who are suffering from chronic low back pain. This treatment can usually provide relief in just one day, and does not require any general anesthetic or hospitalization.

Patients have reported that they felt 80-90% better after treatment. The cost of laser varies depending on your location and insurance coverage— contact us today to find out more about how we can help you get laser treatment.

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