Harness the Power of Sound: Top X Benefits of SoftWave Therapy

Updated: Nov 12

SoftWave Therapy is a non-invasive device using a breakthrough method of Shockwave generation. It allows for unprecedented achievements in regenerative medicine and in the treatment of sports injuries and other serious injuries. It quickly relieves any chronic pain, and tremendously accelerates the recovery process for any injured person. SoftWave Therapy has been proven to immediately halt the inflammatory activity at any treatment site, allowing for immediate and sustained relief of chronic pain, as well as the relaxation of muscular tightness.

A significant improvement in range of motion is another very obvious result of treatment with SoftWave Therapy. You can expect a sustained improvement in blood circulation, and this will allow for the release of many more immune factors, as well as increased ATP production that leads to new blood vessel growth. SoftWave Therapy has also been proven to activate production of endogenous cell growth, which jump-starts the body's healing process from within. There's also another tremendous feature of SoftWave therapy that makes it an invaluable treatment for chronic pain, and that's the diagnostic feedback which allows for the precise identification of the origin of pain. This allows your provider to know exactly where the problem started, so all attention can be focused on that as a treatment site.

Boosts Collagen

Collagen is one of the known building blocks of the body which are required when trying to heal any type of injury. SoftWave Therapy produces hydroelectric shockwaves that can be aimed directly at unhealthy tissue in any given area that has been injured. This triggers the activation of resident stem cells in your body, thereby creating new blood vessels and causing the regeneration of healthier tissue.


Anyone who wishes to avoid surgery as a treatment option should consider SoftWave Therapy, since this is a non-invasive type of treatment. It calls for no prescription medications, injections, and no surgery whatsoever. You'll be able to activate your own stem cells and stimulate your own recovery process, all without the need for any kind of invasive procedures.

Prevents calcification

Anytime there is trauma to tendons situated somewhere in the body, it can produce calcified fibroblasts in that area. When that happens, it will trigger chronic pain, decreasing mobility and adding to your discomfort. By using shockwave pulses, calcification can be broken up and cleared away at the treatment site, being reduced to small particles that can easily be absorbed by your body. Thus calcification is not allowed to take place, so you never have to experience that increased pain and loss of mobility. This restores functionality to the affected area very quickly, because there's no possibility of calcification occurring.

Proven to be effective

A number of independent studies have been conducted, demonstrating clearly that SoftWave Therapy is a highly effective treatment option for a number of health conditions. Anything related to damage to muscle or to damaged bones can effectively be treated by SoftWave Therapy without the use of surgery or any other medications. Results have shown that up to 91% of patients treated with this approach experience highly successful healing, and much shorter recovery times.

Reduces chronic and acute pain

There are several ways that SoftWave Therapy works to reduce acute and chronic pain, so you can be much more comfortable, even after your first treatment. One of the ways it does this is by breaking up any calcification that might occur at a site, and it also helps to stops inflammation from occurring. All these things can add to your chronic pain and make you very uncomfortable. By stimulating the recovery process, you'll also get back to a more pain-free existence much sooner, and you can begin to think about returning to your normal life and all its activities.

Repairs damaged tissue

One of the biggest benefits derived from using SoftWave Therapy is its ability to repair damaged tissue quickly. Your body would try its best to repair any tissue damage by natural means, but that could take a very long time, since it requires a great many things to fall into place before that can happen. SoftWave Therapy speeds up this process immensely because it immediately improves blood flow to the affected area, and that blood flow rushes in nutrients and oxygen that are needed for the repair process. With all the extra nutrients suddenly available, repair and recovery can take place much faster than they would ordinarily. This means if you're an athlete, you'll be back on the field faster, and if you're not an athlete, you'll still have a much quicker recovery than you would have without this advanced treatment.

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