Can Spinal Decompression Make My Sciatica Worse?

We have been providing sciatica treatment in Fairfield County for nearly 20 years.

Sciatica or leg pain is mostly caused by pinched nerves in the low back. Pinched nerves are usually the result of bulging or herniated lumbar discs secondary to spinal degeneration and ongoing misalignments and abnormal wear and tear.

The symptom of sciatica, and sciatica is a symptom, not a cause, is usually the last thing to occur in the degenerative process, not the first. What this means is that when a patient presents with sciatica they have usually had a problem that has been developing for a long time vs. something that is new.

Once a patient has an MRI and the source of the sciatica is located and quantified (spinal disc level of bulging or herniated disc) we will begin spinal disc decompression per the manufacturer’s protocols superimposed with common sense and our clinic experience.

The bottom line is this: YES, it is possible for your sciatica to feel worse before it feels better.

Just like many healing or cleansing processes, there are often toxins and inflammation that have been in place for an extended time. Plus, even though the injured spinal discs are not where they belong, they have become used to being there. When we begin the process of restoring normal position and function the body fights it and there can be an increase in symptoms. Fortunately, this is usually temporary but can go on for several weeks or more.

Sure, spinal disc decompression does not help every single person that does it, but soreness, in the beginning, is not an indicator of eventual results. Listen to your doctor who will most likely have specific home care recommendations to support your care. And hang in there and let the treatment unfold. In the end…chances are, you will be glad you did


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