Back Pain Lower Right | Cause & Treatment

Constant back pain is like the worst nightmare that you can face. There can be minor issues behind your back pain or sometimes, the reason behind it can be serious as well. If you are struggling with lower right back pain for a long time now, it can be alarming.

Any possible issue in your backbone, muscles, tendons, and ligaments can act behind the reason for your lower right back pain. But you cannot be entirely sure of the assumption because there can be other underlying issues as well. However, that’s why today we will talk about back pain lower right – cause & treatment in detail.

Keep on reading and leave a sigh of relief because you are going to get relief from the pain!

What Can Be The Cause Of Lower Right Back Pain?

The back pain in your lower right is troublesome and painful if it lasts long. Sometimes, it becomes hard to sit, lay down, or even bend. If you don’t find out the exact reason behind the pain then you won’t be able to take any treatments for that. However, there are a bunch of reasons which may lead you to right lower back pain. Such as:

● Issues with the backbone, muscles, tendons, and ligaments are the most common causes of lower right back pain. 60% of people suffer from right lower back pain due to these reasons on average.

● There are some other reasons such as kidney stones. Kidney stones may cause terrible back pain in your lower right. Until you get rid of them doing surgery, the pain will keep coming and bothering you like hell.

● Infections or appendicitis can also cause lower right back pain.

● Right lower back pain can also come because of major injuries. In this case, the pain usually comes after a few days of facing major accidents which have put pressure on your lower right.

● Heavy activities, walking for a long time, irregular runs, or outdoor activities also cause pain in your lower right.

● Muscle spasms can cause pain on the lower right as well. Muscle spasms cause the most intolerable aches.

● Another common cause of lower right back pain can be sleeping positions. If you sleep at night in a way that can hurt your lower right then you will start feeling the pain right after getting up in the morning. We often face lower right back pain because of this reason. And this lasts until you do some exercises to make the nerves go in the right positions.

● Losing extra weight can cause lower right back pain.

● Insomnia or oversleeping can bring the ache too.

The causes of lower right back pain can be determined by the type of pain. In some cases, the pains are dull but last longer, even for two to three weeks. Reversely, sometimes they just come instantly and the sufferer feels a sharp and shooting pain that lasts for some hours. The doctors will determine the causes based on those types of pain.

Treatments For Back Pain Lower Right:

Treatments for your lower right back pain will be decided after determining the cause of your pain. Different types of causes will require different types of treatments. Regular right lower back pains due to sleeping positions, heavy activities, irregular exercise, runs, or walks can be dealt with household remedies or some effective exercises.

Household remedies include ice, hot packs, and much more. But if your back pain is coming because of kidney stones or issues with muscles, tendons, and ligaments then you can’t help consulting a doctor as soon as possible and going with surgery.

Back pain on the lower right because of kidney stones will require surgery for sure. The bottom line is you need to get rid of the stones.

Muscle spasms should be also dealt with under the supervision of an expert or professional. If you’re having back pain in your lower right because of muscle spasms then you should remain active and avoid bed rests, bed rests will lead you to muscle stiffness. On the other hand, if the pain is mild to moderate then you can go with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication.

You can also consider medical therapy as your choice depending on the causes behind your back pain on the lower right. These are the medical treatments for back pain on the lower right. But there are some other measures you need to take to get rid of the pain.

● First of all, you need to quit smoking since it is one of those cases which can cause lower back pain.

● You have to get rid of extra weight as well. Extra weight is one of the greatest reasons behind your back pain on the lower right as the whole pressure goes on your lower back because of extra weight.

● Do exercises for putting on weight. But do exercises regularly since irregular exercises, walks, runs, and stretches can also cause back pain in your lower right.

● Remaining active, sleeping in the right positions and at the right time will also help you as insomnia is another cause of lower back pain.

● Drinking a lot of water and taking regular meditation are medically certified to be helpful for lower back pain. Besides doing medical treatments and taking medicines, if you do these then you won’t be facing those killing aches anymore.

Besides avoiding stressful situations, trying to maintain perfect positions while standing, sitting, or sleeping, maintaining a healthy weight, and following a proper diet is another magical treatment against back pain on the lower right.

Home Remedies For Back Pain Lower Right:

We know back pains on the lower right are uninvited guests and they don’t follow any rules. So we can’t always rely on the medical terms to get rid of lower right back pain. We have to know some household remedies to fight those aches. But household remedies are instant yet temporary solutions, you have to go with medical treatments today or tomorrow depending on the causes.

For starters, you can use ice. Rub ice on your lower right for a few minutes and you will start getting rid of the pain for some time. You might feel terrible because of the pain but you have to keep moving. That will help you to get rid of the pain sooner than bed rest. Doctors also recommend that.

If you suffer from back pains on the lower right regularly then don’t forget to keep a hot bag closer to your hands always. Hot bags can prevent you from those aches magically and will give you a peaceful relief. Heat can work like medical therapies.

Stretching and strengthening can also help with that pain. Proper stretching or strengthening will help you to get your muscles flexible quickly and will get your nerves in the right position again. This treatment mostly helps when you get back pain on the lower right because of inappropriate sleeping, standing, or sitting position.

Massages with sprays and balms can help you get through the pain. Rubbing medical creams helps a lot more than you imagine eventually. Rubbing medical creams is much better than taking painkillers again and again. You will get much relief from the pain with a good massage. And it needs no explanation that if you take exercises then the pain may even vanish in a couple of minutes.

How Do You Relieve Lower Back Pain On One Side?

One side lower back pain can get terrible sometimes. We, sufferers, know how intolerable that pain is. Any medicine or pain killer doesn’t seem to work on that pain. That’s why you need to have some alternatives to cope with that pain. Some ways might help you to get through the pain.

Regular exercises may help you to get rid of that pain. Along with doing the exercises regularly, do the exercises right when the pain starts coming. If you search online you will get to know the exercises which can help to relieve one-sided lower back pain. But do not forget to consult with your doctor.

Moreover, you will need to avoid heavy activities which might put pressure on your lower back. After doing the exercises, give yourself some rest. Full bed rest may not help you to get rid of the pain sooner but you should take rest for a while after doing exercises. Besides, there are a bunch of medical services which can make you get relief from the one-sided lower back pain.

If you face one-sided back pain regularly then consider checking medical therapy centers nearby. Regular medical therapy may work slowly but that can give you relief from one-sided lower back pain surely. However, if your one-sided lower back pain doesn’t seem to go after taking all these measures you must go to an experienced good doctor to find out if there’s something else going on which is causing you the pain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the fastest way to relieve back pain?

The fastest way of getting relief from back pain is to keep moving. Although you feel like a disaster when the pain comes, if you keep having bed rest then the pain won’t go, additionally, the pain will catch you even terribly. You need to keep moving, walking, and doing exercises. That vanishes the pain and it’s recommended by doctors.

How can I tell if my back pain is kidney-related?

If you get back pains that travel from the lower back to the upper back and mostly under the ribs, to the right or left of the spine then you will know that the pain you are having is a result of your kidney issues. Most kidney stones cause back pains.

Why does my lower back hurt on my right side?

Lower right back pains mostly come because of issues with ligaments, tendons, spine, and muscles. Muscle and nerve spasms can cause lower back on your right as well. Besides bad sitting, standing, and sleeping positions might call the ache as well. The treatments may include medical surgeries to household remedies.

When should I be worried about lower back pain?

Right when your back pain is bringing other health issues along with. Such as weakness in your legs, hips, or thighs. You need to take immediate measures whenever you find out that the pains are going from your lower back to hips, thighs, and legs. Otherwise, you might call it misfortune.

How do I know if my back pain is serious?

Some symptoms will tell you that your back pain is serious. You can’t help taking proper treatment right after facing these symptoms: ● Sudden aches, weakness, discomfort. ● Damage to bladder function. ● Stomach pain. ● Surprising weight loss. ● Frequent high fevers.

Bottom Line

By now, you know almost everything about back pain lower right – Cause & Treatment. So if you are struggling, match your symptoms and follow our given solutions. If you think that your problem can occur because of serious issues, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor immediately.

In case you are a smoker, try to quit smoking to get rid of the pain. Also, monitoring your sitting and sleeping position may help you to get rid of the back pain quickly. If your back pain is not the outcome of something serious, then follow our given home remedies sincerely. Alongside, do regular exercises, yoga, light activities to keep yourself warmed up to avoid any sort of back pain.

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