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Personal Injury Treatments For Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

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Have You Suffered A Personal Injury And It Wasn't Your Fault?

Have you been injured in a car accident or other type of personal injury like a slip and fall?  If you have, many times people don’t know what to do or even not to do, including knowing their legal rights and privileges.

Our office has been working with injured folks like you for over 20 years.  We can simplify the process by not only getting you the conservative care you are looking for, but to work closely with your injury case to ensure the greatest outcomes, since getting legal help for car accidents is essential in these cases.

If you are working with an attorney or thinking you might need one, our office can assist you in that course of action to make it less stressful for you to focus on getting the pain relief you are looking for.


Personal Injury Care | Connecticut Disc and Laser Therapy Centers

For Attorneys

At Connecticut Disc and Laser Therapy Centers, we offer your client a medical treatment option that exceeds traditional chiropractic care yet focuses on non-surgical, non-invasive care.  As you can see from our website, we offer an array of non-surgical services, which can get your client healthier faster, without invasive or rather costly options.

We accept letters of protection from you for your clients, with no upfront out-of-pocket costs incurred.  We aim to keep your bills reasonable and customary, with transparent communication to your office on billings and your client’s follow through with our office.  We participate with most insurance plans, as well as PIP/MEDPAY carriers in order for us to be reimbursed for services timely, thus keeping those liens low.