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Experience The Advantages Of Using Vertetrac To Live A Life Free Of Pain

Lower back pain ranges from dull, constant aches to sudden, sharp pains that can make simple everyday tasks difficult. There is a wide range of causes for lumbar disc disorders, from maligned joints and sports injuries to Spondyloarthrosis and Stenosis caused by a herniated disc. But one of the most common causes of severe lower back pain is Idiopathic Scoliosis.

Patients with painful lower back disorders have several non-surgical treatment options in today’s world, but many of those options still involve hour-long sessions, pesky equipment, and painful procedures. A fast, safe, pain-free alternative is available with Vertetrac!

What Is Vertetrac?

Vertetrac is a viable option for those suffering from chronic lower back pain. It allows patients to have the mobility they want in order to live the life they’ve been missing out on.

Traditional lumbar spine treatments are limited to the capacity in which they work. Vertetrac applies horizontal traction combined with three-dimensional and asymmetrical options. Another advantage is that the treatment sessions themselves are less time-consuming compared to other methods. Vertetrac sessions are usually 30 minutes or less. Other treatments may include the use of multiple machines that a patient would have to be connected to. These procedures often take 30 minutes just to set up and an hour to perform.

During the Vertetrac “mini sessions”, patients have the ability to move around while wearing the device. This freedom allows a person to walk, stand, or even sit during treatment. And because the Vertetrac is so easy to use, patients have the option of at-home treatments as well.

Who Is A Candidate For Vertretrac?

  • Patients with primary and secondary origin lumber disc disorders
  • Patients with malalignment of the apophyseal joints that causes lumber back disorders
  • Patients with lumber back disorders as a result of Spondyloarthrosis
  • Patients who have suffered sports-related injuries
  • Patients suffering sciatica pain
  • Patients with spinal Stenosis caused by disc herniation


What Makes Vertetrac The Best Option For Your Lower Back Pain?

  • Provides relief for sciatica, herniated discs, lumbar spine-related injuries, and lower back pain
  •  Ambulatory traction system that is patented
  • An alternative to other bed treatments, body braces, or surgery
  • Device adapts to individual patient’s needs
  • Exercise during treatments expedites the healing process
  • Compact unit saves on space and allows for traveling

There is a better alternative to living with chronic lower back pain! To learn more about Vertetrac and find out if you are an ideal candidate, contact Dr. Dalfino at Connecticut Disc & Laser

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